How To Prepare for your upcoming Headshot session


Here are some basics to help guide you toward a fun and successful shoot, capturing the look you want.



Get lots of rest the night before

Drink plenty of water

Have your accessories (belts, jewelry, shoes) and clothing  with you and ready on hangers (already ironed)

Have a couple of outfit options including a casual one if you like

Shoes are not critical (unless including some full body shots), but help you feel put together and effect your overall expression of how you look, so have them too.

Wear simply jewelry

Modest V necks are universally flattering for woman, but including different necklines can offer variety to the shots, Guys also look great in button up shirts, jackets, polos, or T's if including some casual shots as well

Greys and blacks are great for pants 

Jackets and stylish vests make for nice layering

Bring lip balm or gloss to keep lips from appearing dry in photos

Stick with solid coloured clothing, textures are okay

Ties: solid or subtle tone on tone design is ok

Bras:  try and pair bras up with outfit so they blend or don't stand out

Practice your looks, smiles, poses in the mirror to get comfortable and to know what you should

Take care of your skin: moisturize that day if needed, woman-makeup and hair as you would normally wear when going out to meet a client etc.  Both woman & men..Be sure to pay attention and trim/pluck or shave hairs if needed (eyebrows, nose, ear etc) woman watch facial hair especially above the lip....  The camera shows everything.   Men should shave the night before or early the day of the shoot.  

Use eye drops if your eyes are red or irritated






 Frosted eyeshadows or red lipstick

Do not perform any new cleansing routine etc to minimize breakouts, redness etc.

Wearing anything you hate or are uncomfortable in and doesnt feel like you

Wearing bright red, black, sequins, shiny, patterned or logos on clothing

Wearing clothing that is close to your skin tone (white, cream, peach, ivory etc)

Eating right before your shoot.

Getting sunburnt

Gum chewing

Running late for the shoot, to avoid feeling stressed upon arrival and not relaxed




So to summarize- my goal is to capture some really great shots of you looking like "you" and at your best.  The images will not have other distracting elements in them and the goal is to end up with a variety of expressions and looks for your personal or biz use ( also incorporating in any specifics we have chatted about) 



I provide:


The Backdrop, lighting, stool and advice if you like of which outfits are most flattering or colour suited for your skin.



Below are a few samples of my work.  As you can see head shots can be created to convey many different looks and feels based on the clients needs.  Below is a link to my Pinterest Board for inspiration on outfits etc.



Pinterst Board: ideas for what to wear to your HEADSHOT session


Please contact me if you have any questions at all.