How to prepare for you Newborn Session




Tips for Parents : 


-Congrats on the arrival of your sweet little bundle!



-I am excited to capture this very special time in your life for you.  Provided things are going smooth and Mom & Babe especially, are feeling healthy and well, it would be ideal to book a date for your session around the 7-10 days old mark. (if this is not an option please let me know and we can make other arrangements)

-Ask for a family member to be present to lend a hand, so it can be a more relaxing and enjoyable event for you..since Moms & Dads are usually sleep deprived at this point and running on coffee!


-If you have other young children, you are more than welcome to include them in the session, typically at the beginning for sibling shots. Then have someone entertain your older children while you continue with the session. Dads are welcome to join in part of the whole session, its up to you.


Its not a bad idea to bump the heat up before the session (in colder months) moisturize baby skin often leading up to the shoot to reduce visible peeling (just do your best, don't stress about this though)..this is more critical in the drier months of the year.


-I provide a few handy items, bean bags (for keeping blankets warm, few props) but mainly keep the images very candid.


-Newborn Shoots tend to be fairly lengthy..2.5- 4 hrs depending on baby.  This is totally normal, and its a relaxed shoot...since baby really calls the shots.  Its very common to stop often to let baby nurse, change a diaper, or just cuddle with Mom if needed.


-We generally start out with a few shots followed by a feeding…this seems to lull baby into a more sleepy state.  This varies with each situation and we just go with the flow, keeping baby happy and warm.


I look forward to meeting your new arrival, and capturing some amazing images that you will always cherish.


Your photographer,  Wendy Hord @ Soul Photography