Rental Contract-the Soul Spot

(with Alcohol)
(operated by Wendy Hord of Soul Photography)
Rentor Name & Contact -hereinafter referred to as:  
Wendy or Mark Hord-Soul Photography 
519-318-8010 or 519-857-697


Reservations for The Soul Spot are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis as their are a limited amount of dates in a year that are available. 
This signed rental agreement and deposit required to reserve your date.
Deposits consist of 50% of the rental fee (non refundable) + $75 damage deposit (refundable if venue left in condition it was found in)…as per the Rentor’s discretion.
We accept the following forms of payment: Cash, cheque (made to Wendy Hord), Credit Card & e-transfer to “” password “rental”
Deposits paid, for a reservation of a date within (10) days of initial booking are transferable to another date (if available).

Due the week (7 days) before:

-The balance of the rental is due (7) days in advance of the rental date. As well as our in house bartending service fee if using ($15/hr)
-Proof of (PAL) Party Alcohol Insurance (the renter is required to purchase an insurance policy with no less than $2,000,000 liability from a Insurance provider.  The insurance policy must name Wendy Hord-(Soul Photography) as an additional insured.
-Smart Serve Info (Names of bartenders & copies of their SS certificates).
-Copy of SOP (SPECIAL OCCASIONS PERMIT) application available through LCBO locations.
Copies of above noted paperwork/certificates etc to be e-mailed to and under subject please use “Rental paperwork “__your Full Name + rental date_______”   
For example…   E-mail Subject: Rental Paperwork Jane Smith June 1 2017”

Rental Times & Inclusions

The Rental timeframe includes at total of (5)hrs roughly designed for (1 hr for set up and clean up and 3 hrs for your function)
The facility will be unlocked for you by the Rentor’s authorized personal at your rental start time, and locked up at your end time.  There will be a welcome pkg on bar counter for you with basic info, contacts, wi-fi password, reminders, and info for you convenience.

Venue Inclusions & Uses:

1. Use of the Bar/mini kitchen area: (bar fridge/large cooler & microwave) (some basic utensils, cake stand, platters, some glassware, 2 med beverage dispensers), Assorted Tea Cups/saucers (aprox 30) Single serve Keurig Machine,1 Small Coffee Perk.  We do not have a stove/oven on site. Our kitchen is small and not intended for food prep.  Bring any food already prepared, only needingminor garnishing, mixing and displaying etc.
2. 1 restroom and coat hooks in foyer, 
3. Small lounge area,
4. Open event space (aprox 20’ x 40’),
5. Rectangular 6’ tables with white linens, chairs, high table with 3 stools. 
6. Storage area in back of space, beyond barn doors is to be used only for access to   the full size fridge and mini chest freezer and to store your coats, purses etc out of the way/sight, please do not touch any of the other equipment/items stored there. 
7. Air Conditioned & Heated: Please note Thermostats and air conditioner settings are for operators use only 
8. Free parking on site.
9. Free on-site wireless internet. Code provide with welcome pkg.
10. Five (5) hour rental time with option to purchase overtime.
11. The Soul Spot Capacity is 35 persons
12. Easel with chalk board and few small chalk board signs
13. Feel free to decorate…you may use thumb tacks to hang or pin things. You can hang items from existing hooks in walls provided the items are light weight. Only use tape on plastic or metal surfaces..not on any painted wall or floor surface please.  
14. Electrical outlets are all located on the floor under radiator on the West wall only, and at kitchen counter area.  Do not unplug any already plugging in appliances or electronics.

You will need to provide your own:

4. Event Decor/Flowers
5. Linens or table runners (other than the white tablecloths provided)
6. Extra coolers (one large provided for use)
7. Ice
8. Any large or insulated Beverage dispensers/Punch bowls etc
9. Utensils (fork, knives, spoons)

We thank you for respecting our Space and following these Rules:

1.Do not remove our existing decor/furniture (without permission)
2.Do not use/wear sharp objects near or on black lounge sofa
3.Do clean your feet well on foyer mats if wearing shoes in event space
4. Do keep noise to a reasonable level especially if after 11pm.
5. Do not use open flames or candles except for birthday cakes.  Please use battery operated candles instead.
5. If you have questions/concerns or need help a function/malfunction of the space with something please contact us.
*6. Abide by our Alcohol rules
7. Respect others that may be entering the foyer to use other businesses.
8. Do not smoke in building or right near entrance 
9. Do not use the roll up garage door without permission 
After your event please tidy up and leave the space in the condition that you found it…by placing garbage in provided large garbage bags.  Don't forget to take along your belongings, containers, food trays, rented glassware etc.
We will turn out lights, vacuum, mop and clean linens after event during inspection.

Alcohol use and Rules

Designated area is:
(The Soul Spot/Soul Photography)
33972 Saintsbury Line, Lucan ON N0M 2J0 -Unit 5
Indoors only. No alcohol beyond any exit to the outdoors.
As noted above…having alcohol at your event, requires the Rentee to purchase an insurance policy (party Alcohol insurance) with no less than $2,000,000 in liability insurance from a Insurance provider.  Proof of insurance must be provided to the Rentor via email at at least 7 days prior to the event.   The insurance policy must name Wendy Hord-Soul Photography as an additional insured.
The Rentee shall indemnify and save harmless -Wendy Hord (Soul Photography/The Soul Spot) from any and all claims, in connection with the holding of an event involving the serving of alcohol. Such claims include but are not limited to demands, causes of action, losses, costs or damages that the Rentor would otherwise suffer, incur or be liable for, resulting from Rentee’s, event workers’ and agents’ performance, actions and negligent acts or omissions. 
The Rentee agrees to use the services of a smart serve bartender.  The Rentor can provide the contact for a smart serve bartender (based on availability) for a fee of $15/hr.  Please inquire if you would like to check the availability..alternatively you can arrange for your own smart serve person. 
The Rentee must obtain the applicable “Special Occasion Permit” (SOP) through the LCBO at least 10 days prior to the event.  The Rentee accepts and understands that it is the name of the responsible persons on the SOP permit/licence that is solely responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their guests.  It is expected that the licence holder along with the smart serve personal will monitor and assist with any guests that are causing a nuisance, becomes or arrives intoxicated or for any reason the responsible person deems necessary for that person to exit the building or property. 

- The Rentee/permit holder must:

a. Ensure that all Bartenders have obtained a Smart Service Certificate in serving
alcohol and that the bartenders have proof of certification available at the event.
b. Attend the event and ensure the operation is in accordance with the rules of the
Liquor License Act, applicable regulations, policy and procedures.
c. Be on duty to ensure the physical setting is safe at all times. Any unsafe condition
must be reported to the Rentor and addressed appropriately.
d. Ensure that no-one under the age of 19 is served alcohol and that Government
issued photo identification or identification in accordance with the Liquor License Act
is shown when requested.
e. Remain accountable and maintain a responsible level of sobriety and ensure that
bartenders abstain from consuming alcohol.
f. In the event that attendees are able to walk around the event with alcohol, ensure
that the event area where alcohol is being served is secured on all sides by a single
fence or wall of a minimum of three feet, so that no unauthorized person can access
any stored alcohol.
g. Ensure the guests at the event are properly supervised and also ensure no one
consumes alcohol in an unauthorized location.
h. Ensure that all entrances and exits to the event are adequately supervised.
m. Ensure that food and non-alcoholic drinks are available at all times. The cost of nonalcoholic if selling must be significantly lower than alcoholic drinks.

Bar Rules

a. A maximum of 4 drinks/tickets may be purchased by an individual at any one time.
Alcohol shall not be left available for self service.
b. Bartenders reserve the right to refuse service and the permit holder has the right to
refuse admittance to persons who are underage, or to an individual who appears
c. The bar must close no later than 11pm and all evidence of sale must be
removed within 45 minutes of the bar closing.
e. Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided for designated drivers free of charge.
f. All prices charged for alcohol must comply with the Liquor License Act.
g. Call police to report a driver who is suspected to be impaired.
h. The Rentee must be vacated by midnight unless arranged.
i. Marketing practices which encourage increased consumption, such as oversize
drinks, double shots or spirits, drinking contests, and volume discounts are not
j. Free drinks shall not be advertised.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities are not permitted at this space -The Soul Spot:
1/ Alcohol raffles 2/ Drinking games
3/ Discounted drinks 4/Alcohol as a prize

Safe Transportation

The Rentee/permit holder is responsible for promoting safe transportation options for all the
drinking participants. Examples of safe transportation options are:
1/ A designated driver selected from non-drinking participants at the event
2/ A designated driver provided by the sponsoring group or
3/ A taxi paid either by the sponsoring group or the participant


A Rentee/Special Occasion Permit holder or an event designate has the responsibility to fulfill requirements of the provincial legislation and regulations and the procedures and conditions established.
For more details on SOP’s check out or inquire at your local LCBO.
Contract Summary:
1. I have received and reviewed The Soul Spot’s
Contract including Alcohol Use & Rules
2. I understand that I must adhere to the conditions of this Contract and the Liquor License Act of Ontario.
3. I understand that if I or other individuals at the event fail to adhere to the
Alcohol Use & Rules in this contract and related
Procedure(s), Venue Operator will take the appropriate action. This
action may include eviction, revoking of the Special Occasion Permit and the
notification of Police or Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario authorities.
4. I understand I can be held liable for injuries and damages arising from failure
to adhere to the Liquor License Act of Ontario.
5. I understand that the Ontario Provincial Police and/or the Alcohol and Gaming
Commission of Ontario authority may lay charges for infraction of the Liquor
License Act of Ontario or other relevant legislation.
The Rentee is responsible for the care and supervision of the facility and accepts the liability of any accidents or property damage during the time the facility is being rented.
If the terms in this agreement are not met, the Vendor Operator may cancel the agreement at any point at their sole and absolute discretion.
The Rentor may change this web based contract at anytime.
Please return to the Soul Spot Page and hit submit if you wish to continue with your rental.
Fee Invoice will be e-mailed to you after we receive your contract.
Thank You